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2016 Apollo Borough's Bicentennial Celebration Committee

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/baɪɛnˈtɛnəl / [bahy-sen-ten-ee-uh]


1. pertaining to or in honor of a 200th anniversary: bicentennial celebration; a bicentennial exposition.

2. consisting of or lasting 200 years: a bicentennial period.

3. occurring every 200 years: the bicentennial return of a comet.


4. a 200th anniversary: The United States had its bicentennial in 1976.

5. a celebration of such an anniversary.


Bicentennial Committee meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30PM at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 214 Pennsylvania Avenue, Apollo, PA. School, community, and church organizations are encouraged to send representatives to the meetings.

Apollo Borough Council has named Dr. William Kerr as Chairman of the Apollo Bicentennial Committee, Thomas Toland was appointed the Executive Director of the Apollo Bicentennial Committee, and John H. Shaeffer was named Honorary Chairman of the Apollo Bicentennial Committee.

Please contact the Borough Manager's office at: or, 724-478-4201 x1 for additional details.




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